Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KAC Showcase : May - Creating a World With Shades & Colours.

For the month of May 2012, we have chosen to showcase - Abhyam Shukla.

Abhyam's introduction in his own words- "Abhyam is a little monster, who doesn't give a damn about studies & dreams about standing out in the crowd, someday." (OK, he's a student who just gave his 12th Boards)

He's being featured here, for his awesome drawing/sketching talent.

 A small interview with Abhyam:-

How did you learn to draw?

- "Well, I never learnt drawing. From a very young age,I had this craving for drawing everywhere possible and I guess through practice and the constant support and encouragement that I got from my friends and family helped me realize my true potential. Ever since that day,there's been no looking back."

What kind of drawings do you usually do? What tools do you use?

- "I'm mostly into sketching. Pencils,pens and charcoal are some of the things I am comfortable with. I hope to learn oil painting If I can. I like to indulge in conceptual art. Something that never fails to send a message."

What are your plans regarding drawing, in future?

-  "No matter,what I choose as a career or where I end up,I will never give up drawing. So it's a forever sort of relationship."

What do you think about KAC?

- "KAC is an amazing place with amazing people. Never thought an online club would be sooo much fun. They're warm people who are always ready to support and entertain when required.
I've always wanted to make it to my first proper meet,but exams have been a bitch for a very long time. Now that I am finally free, I'm looking forward to some really amazing time at the meets. :) "

 Some of his drawings/sketches:

A note - We love your drawings and we love having you here at KAC. We hope to see you at future meets. Let your talent be an inspiration for other KAC members in the future. We look forward for your future works! :)