Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th KAC (mini) meets

To be honest,  Mini Meets are basically arranged for the members to enjoy an outing. Anime screening, continuous anime discussion or sharing doesn't happen since the meets happen either at Amusement Parks, Cinema Halls or similar venues.  On that note, KAC’s 5th (which was a Durga Puja outing),  6th ( an outing to Nicco Park),  7th ( Tintin movie meet),  8th (visiting a Japanese Cultural Program at Rabindra Okakura Bhaban) Meets were mini meets, so far.
5th Mini Meet (6.10.2011):

Durga Puja Outing- 
(From Left: Krishna, Nia, Sayanee and Abhishek)

(From Left: Nia, Sayanee, Abhishek & Kaushik)

(The Phuchka Competition)

It was primarily arranged for Kaushik Mizu since he was new to Kolkata & never enjoyed the pujas of South Kolkata. The meet was announced at a very short notice & happened a week after the 4th Meet.  Thus, a lot of the members didn’t have time to adjust their schedules to make it to the meet & on the day of the meet only 5 of us managed to gather together (Nia, Abhishek, Sayanee, Kaushik & Krishna). 
First, we gathered at South City mall & planned to visit the puja pandals of Jodhpur Park, Selimpore Palli, Babubagan & Deshpriya Park (if we had enough time). 
Since it was Dashami (the last day of the pujas), the pandals were relatively empty & we could take photos of the idol & surrounding properly. After visiting Babubagan, we had a Phuchka (Panipuri) eating competition on which all of us participated. Nia withdrew from the competition after eating 6, Sayanee followed her after eating 14, Krishna forfeited after eating  17. Then the competition was entirely between Abhishek & Kaushik. After having 35, Abhishek withdrew. Kaushik stopped only after 50. The vendor was literally scared of us! When the competition ended, Nia & Abhishek had to return to their homes. Thus, the outing came to an end after dollops of fun and food.

6th Mini Meet (6.11.2011):

Adventure at Nicco Park.

(From Left: Pratyay, Sayanee, Ayanti & Aditi at front, Aesha & Bibhas)


(Aditi & Kaushik)

(on the roller-coaster)
(From left: Kaushik, Bibhas, Promit, Sayanee, Aesha, Aditi & Ayanti. Pratyay at the front)
The idea of this meet solely arose from the fact that members had demanded an outing to an amusement park. Thus, a date was fixed and Nicco Park was the location chosen (Aquatica was voted out since winter was approaching). The time allotted  was 10.30am, but thanks to of our usual laziness, most of us gathered around 11.30am. Kaushik (Approx 2pm) was the second latest  to arrive & Promit was the last (around 2.30 pm). Finally, the headcount was- Aditi, Ayanti, Pratyay, Sayanee, Aesha, Bibhas, Kaushik and Promit. Aesha was a new member at  the meet.
 First, the attendees tried their hands at target shooting/throwing games and then, the ride- Moon Raker was raided by us which had small seats & we barely managed to fit those in pairs. Then, we decided to ride the Cyclone (Biggest Roller Coaster in Kolkata), after waiting almost 45 minutes on the queue, finally our turn came & we again divided ourselves among pairs. The ride was worth remembering for a lifetime! We couldn’t visit the Scary House as it was under maintenance. The last ride we tried was the Striking Cars. Then it was eating time (as usual). Sayanee & Bibhas left after that & the rest enjoyed the toy train ride before parting ways.

7th Mini Meet (13.11.2011):
Movie Outing (The Adventures of Tintin)-

(From Left: Kaushik, Binhas, Ayanti, Sayanee, Pratyay, Sayantan, Hindol, Abhishek, Krishna)

(Buddha Manga at a mall)


(From left: Kashyap, Deepraj, Krishna, Ayanti, Bibhas, Pratyay, Shriya, Sayanee)

A week after the 6th meet, we already decided on the 7th meet and this time it was a movie outing. The movie chosen was The Adventures of Tintin (as most of us were quite attached to HergĂ©'s Tintin since childhood). After voting, the chosen movie hall was Salt Lake Big Bazaar’s Kulraj Broadways, show timing was 11.10am. Yet again, thanks to the usual 'punctuality' of the members, we all got scattered hall tickets. The attendee list was- Abhishek, Sayanee, Sayantan, Bibhas, Ayanti, Pratyay, Hindol, Kaushik & Krishna. Nevertheless, the movie was fantastic & nostalgic. After that, we all decided to visit the nearby Mani Square Mall. After having lunch there (with burgers & loads of French fries), Abhishek & Hindol had to leave. Shriya, Kashyap & Deepraj joined the rest after that and finally when endless chatting was done in front of the mall, the meet was over!

8th Mini Meet (20.11.2011):
Experiencing the Japanese Cultural Event held at Rabindra Okakura Bhaban-

(From Left: Kaushik, Sayantan, Abhishek, Suplab, Sayanee, Aesha, Ayanti, Pratyay & Pratisruti)

(The goodies which we got!)

(Sayantan and Pratyay with their calligraphy)

November 2011was probably  the busiest month for KAC, as we were having meets on every alternative Sunday. Yet another meet was held on the second last Sunday of November when our member Aesha invited us a day before saying that the institute where she is studying Japanese (ROB) is hosting a Japanese cultural event. Abhishek, Sayantan, Sayanee, Aesha, Pratyay, Ayanti, Bibhas, Suplab, Promit, Kaushik & Nikhil (who was extremely late) attended the meet under such short notice.
We tried our hands at origami, calligraphy & tasted Japanese delicacies. The meet started at 6 and around 8pm, Abhishek & Sayanee had to leave and were escorted by Sayantan. Nikhil joined the gang after that and all of them enjoyed the vibrant dance program which was the last event of the day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We're Back!

The renovations are almost complete here.
Time to move in the furniture. :)

Watch this space!