Thursday, May 17, 2012

KAC: Anime/Manga Quiz Contests

Kolkata Anime Club hosted 2 quiz contests on anime & manga, on the February 2012 & April 2012 Meet.
Participants were the members who attended the above mentioned meets.
The prizes were anime posters, for both event.

February 2012 Contest:
The format: Roughly 25 questions were asked from various anime & manga, on the first round. On the 2nd round, participants had to recognize cropped pictures of various anime characters & scenes.
The 1st winner of the contest was- Aditi Mullick, who won a Bleach poster!
Not far behind on tallied points, the 2nd Winner was Reetam Majumder, winning a Naruto Poster.
Following them, the 1st Runner-up was Rhea Chowdhury, 2nd Runner-up was Hindol Dey & the 3rd Runner-up was Chayan Chakrabarty.

April 2012 Contest:
The Format:
First Round- roughly 30 questions were asked.
Second Round- recognizing cropped pictures of anime characters.
Third Round- recognizing anime OP, ED & OSTs.
The winner was Nia Dutta (who was practically, on fire! Throughout the quiz) & the runner-up was Abhishek Dasgupta. Winning posters of Fate/Zero & Another, respectively.