Sunday, September 2, 2012

KAC September Showcase: Founder -sama

It began as a dream. Of having an anime club in Kolkata. Bringing all the members who love anime and manga in the city together, and giving them a platform to indulge in their passion and also share it with others.
As we are approaching KAC's 2nd Anniversary, this month's showcase is about the person who made it happen; the founder of KAC, Nia Dutta.

A lot of people laughed when she had first put forth her idea, and her goal of making conventions happen in the country. And today conventions have happened in the country. Even though one is yet to happen in our city, it is because KAC existed that people from Kolkata got to participate in such events.

Anything written about Nia by yours truly runs the risk of becoming an article extremely biased towards her. Her conviction in the possibilities that KAC had, her dedication, hard work and sheer stubbornness is one of the reasons that I have been a part of KAC for so long.

Nia is a jack of many trades. She is fluent in written and spoken Japanese, she is an animator and an artist par excellence (the lucky ones who have gotten hand drawn posters from her would vouch for that), and she is also an extremely hard working and approachable person. She has been the brains and very frequently the brawn behind everything KAC has achieved so far. And she recently upped her awesomeness level after her trip to Japan a few months back. To put it very bluntly, without Nia there would have been, and for that matter will be, no KAC.

The KAC members wish Nia the very best for the future, and sincerely hope that KAC manages to maintain her expectations and achieve her dreams.