About Us

The Kolkata Anime Club is a group by the fans and for the fans of anime/manga and all things related. KAC aims to be the gathering place of anime/manga lovers from Kolkata and all around it. Anime lovers from everywhere else are welcome too!
KAC was formed in Dec 2010 by a few anime lovers from Kol who overcame their laziness to meet up one winter afternoon. Since then we have come a long way, both online and offline. From the 12 odd people who made it to the first meet, we have grown into a large family of over 300 members, all drawn together by their love for anime and the belief that the best things in life become even better when you share them.
We try to meet up once a month to talk anime, watch anime and indulge in our love for anime in general. So do join in (both offline and online) and be prepared to be blown away by anime epicness XD

Contact Us 

KAC's online presence is mostly on Facebook, where we have a page and a hyperactive chat group, which is one of the most active anime groups in the country. Do drop by and join us on FB. The main purpose of this blog is to chronicle all the happens on KAC before it gets drowned under notifications on FB (once you join us on FB, you'll know within minutes what I'm talking about).
We have also launched our own Internet Radio Service aka RadioKAC. The radio also has it's own FB Page where you can get updates on show timings and also put in song requests. Feel free to tune in for moar anime epicness :)

How we function: 

KAC's activities are moderated, planned and conducted by the 5 admins. Further, a few others also actively help us out with our online & offline work :
1. Abhishek Dasgupta (Admin)
2. Nia Dutta (Admin)
3. Reetam Majumder (Admin/RJ)
4. Sayanee Das (Admin)
5. Sayantan Bhatacharjee (Admin/RJ)
6. Aditi Mullick (A/V Department)
7. Aesha Dey (Blog staff)
8. Hindol Dey (Groundwork)
9. Ria Cherry (Resident RJ)

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but KAC is growing like never before.
We are having awesome meets regularly, new joiners and activity on the KAC wall has rarely been better than this, and we are trying to make KAC all the more fun for it's members with contests at the meets and with initiatives like RadioKAC.
But more events at KAC mean more workload on us, the poor admins. We are thus looking for a few hands (and feet and heads) to help us out in some of the activities of KAC.
You people might not know this, but Aditi has been in charge of the A/V dept, Hindol helps us out with the groundwork before meets (especially the outdoor ones), Ria has agreed to become radioKAC's resident RJ and Aesha helps maintain the blog (and is also a contributor there).

We are looking for someone to help us with Radio KAC in the near future
We are looking for someone who can work Photoshop and is willing to give time to help us out from time to time with our designing needs.
And lastly, a few people who would be prepared to help us out in our online and offline activities from time to time On Short Notice. Things come up all of a sudden and we regularly don't have enough hands on deck :(

Interested people can get in touch with Nia, Abhishek, Sayanee, Sunny or Reetam.
Feel free to drop us a message :)

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
KAC Banzai!


Shaunak Sengupta said...

how can I join the club?...I have sent a request to join the facebook page but it has not been accepted yet..

Anonymous said...

Can you inform me about any institutes in Kolkata where they provide good manga courses.?

ToOTh fAiRY said...

Oh my god. I just discovered you people, I have been an otaku and weeaboo for the past four years ;____;
Please please let me join. My inner weeab is dying ._. because mostly I keep interjecting japanese phrases into conversation; my friends think I am weird. Obviously. Let me join this group !_____! I am even starting to take Japanese lessons from this July 💚

Unknown said...

Finally dicovered the place for otakus. How can i join in?