Tuesday, December 31, 2013

KAC Review : Steins;Gate Movie

Steins;Gate :負荷領域のデジャヴ 

Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu

Production House : White Fox
Directed by : Kanji Wakabayashi
Based on : Visual Novel by Nitroplus and 5pb

'No one knows what the future holds. That's why its potential is infinite.' - Rintarou Okabe (from Steins;Gate)


The movie is set one year after the events in the anime series. After going through what had seemed like, a never ending journey, Okabe Rintarou had landed in the Steins;Gate world line where neither Mayuri Nor Makise Kurisu are dead. A world where SERN is not in power. Makise Kurisu Returns to Japan for her seminar and comes to attend a reunion with the others. During the party on the roof, Rintarou starts to feel the side effects of his endless time travel, more pronounced than ever before. And that marks the true beginning of this  thrilling, romantic and beautifully heart-warming epilogue. 

Youtube Link 

MAL Rank : 27

KAC rating : 3/5

Thoughts : In my personal opinion, the movie is not as brilliant as the series itself, but it does justice to the story non the less. 

Worth watching? : Yes. However, I will suggest people who are going to watch this, not to expect a lot out of it. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013



Season 1

Production studio: BONES
Directed by: Tensai Okamura
Written by: Tensai Okamura
Original run: April 5, 2007 to September 28, 2007
Episodes: 25

Ten years ago, a region of anomaly called ‘Hell’s Gate’ appeared in Tokyo (along with a corresponding ‘Heaven’s Gate’ in South America). The stars in the sky disappeared and were replaced with fake stars. People with special abilities known as ‘Contractors’, and passive mediums called ‘Dolls’ began to emerge. Their abilities came at the expense of their humanity- they lack human emotions and are cold, emotionless, rational beings with no conscience or overriding sense of loyalty. The governments of the world use Contractors and Dolls extensively as spies, often resulting in deadly confrontations, all the while keeping their existence a secret from the public. They are called Contractors because each has a remuneration (also called “price”) they are compelled to perform after they use their powers, and because they have no loyalty or obligations beyond their current employment.
The story follows a young Contractor named Hei who, while working for the Syndicate in Tokyo, is trying to uncover what happened to his sister Pai. Pai had disappeared five years before the start of the series during a war fought over Heaven's Gate.

Youtube link


The story started out slow in my opinion, but eventually picked up pace. The animation is very beautiful and fluid and I enjoyed the heavy atmosphere of the show! The ending,  although disappointing in some people's opinion, was perfect to me.
Rating: 4/5

Worth watching? : Definitely.

Post by : Shuvo Das

[N.B : Darker than black has since, released a sequel 'Darker than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini' 2009.] 

Friday, December 27, 2013

ASURA : Anime feature film Review.


Title : Asura
Production House : TOEI Animation
Directed by : Keiichi Sato
Manga by : George Akiyama



Staged during the mid 15th century Japan, Asura is the survival story of a boy born in  extreme harsh conditions and left to fend for himself. In an age when flood, draught and famine had left Kyoto barren, Asura is forced to learn the means of survival in the wild. Asura's savage soul is saved by a young girl named 'Wakasa' and a monk who teaches him the first words of salvation and  later encourages him to fight the beast within.

Animation :

Another non-main stream animation, it is an interesting take on the story. Excellent cinematography and staging.

Youtube trailer :

KAC Rating : 4/5
Is it worth the watch? : Hell Yes.
[Note : This movie contains heavy gore and traces of cannibalism. Definitely not recommended for Children bellow 13.] 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

KAC MEET, December 2013


Date: 22.12.2013
Time : 12:00 pm - 6:00pm
Venue : Chingrighata, Kolkata

         Host : Shubharthi Das

I am cursing every time I am having to think what to write!  One of the reason why this post has been delayed was because I have been postponing it due to sheer laziness. I am not going to admit that I am lazy in general, so I shall put the blame on the weather and the celebrations. :P
To make it short, the meet had me giving a small talk on Japanese Language and Culture. It had Quiz and giveaways And it had Manisquare Detour with McD food!! About 40 members had turned out, making it the largest KAC meet thus far, and perhaps more new members than the last one.
The rest, Let the pictures do the talking in my place shall we?
*adds pictures*

Group Pictures.

Some closeups.

The Give aways

With you lot, its another day in paradise every meet! 
*<3 from KAC.* 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

KAC Member Showcase : December 2013

 The Girl With Many Names and Faces

2013 is at an end, and what an awesome year it has been for anime lovers across the country! For the month of December 2013, we showcase KAC’s resident cosplay diva, Akanksha Sachan. A student at NIFT Kolkata, Akanksha’s lovely cosplays have made her a well-known name among the Indian anime and cosplay circles. 


 Here is a small interview with Akanksha:

Q. So, tell us about your interest in Anime and Cosplay.
- Well, anime is what I would call the ‘ Religion I follow. It is the most important thing in my world! Cosplay comes second. Hmm, My favourite anime: All mainstreams+ Monster+ Oh well, too many to count! :P and cosplay is what my passion is! It’s the best I can do.’

Q.When did you start Cosplaying? 
‘My second year of college, 2012.’ Says Sachan. ‘It was new! It was like I touched the thing first time that I always used to dream about! That was the first time I made any clothing on my own without even learning it in my academics, it felt amazing!!!
Her first Cosplay was Kagome Higurashi from a popular anime.

Q. From Inuyasha? Is that one of your favourites?
 ‘Yes, favourite.’ She says. ‘Way back from Animax days!’
Sachan's first cosplay as Kagome Higurashi.

Q. You have made quite a bit of a name for yourself in the Indian cosplay community since then.
-Well, so many cosplays to do, very little time. Oh, and money too. >.<

News Paper cut outs about Sachan and her work

Q. Haha, so Cosplay is an expensive hobby?
A.Yes J
Q.Which cosplay of yours would you say, is your best/ favourite?
A. Erza Scarlet (Heaven's Wheel Armor).


Sachan's Erza Scarlet Cosplay 

Q. Isn't that your Otaku House entry?
A. Yes. It was my qualifier's entry which took me into the finals.

Sachan's Elizabeth from Bioshock

Q. Excellent... you're a finalist, all the best for the Otaku House finals!! J
A. Thank you J

Q. So, are you going to be a full time Cosplayer from now on? What can we expect to see in the near future?
- Not really, it's a hobby. And a hobby remains a hobby. I will be cosplaying Female Commander Shepherd in Delhi Comic Con 2014 and many more projects to come in 2014 J

Q. Are there any Cosplayers that you consider your inspiration?
‘Yes, a lot of them!’ Reveals Sachan. ‘ Reika <3! Well, I followed Allodia for a long time, and now it's time to make my own way.’

Q. You are a well known name in Indian cosplay circle, and an Otaku House finalist, how does it feel to have this sort of fame? And what would you like to say to all the aspiring cosplayers?
- Feels good, man. I feel like I am doing something which is really unconventional in this country! Very unique and different! My words to everyone aspiring to cosplay is  just do it! J

Q. Any general advice you'd like to share?
A. *secrets* :P Well it's all confidence, never lose it.

Q. Last but not the least; tell us about your experience with KAC.
A. KAC is the best thing that had happened to me since I came to Kolkata, it is family J

Q. Great to hear that! Thank you for your time. J
A. You’re welcome J

 A few pictures Sachan generously shared of her work in progress :-

Author’s word: KAC, indeed is a family. We love you too, Akanksha and we hope to see more awesome cosplays from you in the future.

Interview and Content: Shuvo Das
Images: Provided by Akanksha Sachan
Edits by Kuroneko and Sedion

Thursday, November 28, 2013



Red Data Girl : - Released in Spring 2013, this animation is a production of P.A WORKS Studio, Story Conception by Noriko Ogiwara Directed by Toshiya Shinohara. Ranking among the top 20 animation of Spring 2013, here is a better look at what this anime is about.
EPISODES : 12 (Completed)
SYNOPSIS : The story is about a god vessel living in the shelters of a mountain in the country side, and of a mountain monk. The story sees the character development of an indecisive girl who wants to change and of a boy who does not want his life to be decided by his father. Their natural dislike for each other start to change as both face an ordeal during their school trip to Tokyo. 

Original creator: Noriko Ogiwara (novel)
Original Character Design: Mel Kishida
Character Design: Minako Shiba
Art Director: Junichi Higashi
Chief Animation Director: Minako Shiba
Art design: Mayumi Miyaoka
3D Director: Yoshimasa Yamazaki
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Director of Photography: Yukiyo Kajiwara
Executive producer: Takeshi Yasuda
Producer:Ai Matsuki
              Kenji Horikawa

Extra thought : If you have liked Mahou no shoujo : Madoka, then you might find this series interesting. 

Tags : Time travel, Shinto fantasy, shrine maiden, monk, spirit, high school, magic. 

ANN Linkhttp://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=14862
Youtube Trailer Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCe8R73tHe4&feature=youtu.be

Wednesday, November 20, 2013



[KAC Cake]

KAC FACTS: The journey began on 12th December 2010, when a few brave hearts decided to break the conventional idea of keeping their passion inside their closet and meet others, who felt the same.
As she waited quietly by the KFC stall at South City Food court, Nia had felt the jitters of anticipation about meeting fellow anime lovers for the first time in her life and at the same time, had felt unnerved at her own daring. As she sat recalling that day, she doubted anyone today would've believed it if she told them she had half a mind of ditching the whole idea and running away before anyone showed up! Now, she sits by her computer, looking through the old photographs, and grins broadly because she chose to stick it out in the end. The last words she had told herself as she brought out the anime doodle she made on her sketch pad as a banner were these 'Dude, relax! Today's going down in history.' That had done it. KAC had kicked off with a bang!
Three years later, KAC is now a family of 1020 and counting! Here's a look at what happened on the Third Anniversary meet.

Date : 17.11.2013
Venue : Patuli
Host : Abhik Dutta.
Time : 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

[Abhik Dutta : The Host]

The meet started off with members assembling at the venue. Little chit chats, jokes and anime sharing continued through out the day. Introductions began at the roof top on the quiet, sunny Sunday afternoon, after most of the members had turned up. Slowly, the din rose high enough to make neighbours turn their head in curiosity but the KAC members went about their business like nothing was out of the ordinary. It was family time, don't you know! After the introductions were all done, it was time for the give away! There were simple questions related to popular anime and a right answer rewarded a member with a book mark!

[KAC Bookmarks and Postcards]

[Some posters which were up for grabs]

The two Nihonsai Finalist were given a token of appreciation for their participation.

[Xavier Das and Aditi Mullick : Finalist at Nihonsai Convention (Later cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances)]

And now, a few snap shots of the day which is now a happy blur.


KAC began with one anime lover's dream to unite all the anime lovers in Kolkata. It had appeared to be ridiculous to many. So, as Nia looks through the photographs of every meet since, she laughs at the thought that some people had laughed about this idea and had said it can't be done.

KAC has always been about its members. KAC is family. KAC is home.