Friday, April 27, 2012

KAC Bulletin

So, here's an update on what KAC has been up to and what all we can expect from the KAC in the coming weeks -

1. KAC now has an HQ! Reetam's house at Garia (which till now has hosted 3 meets, Feb 2011, March and April 2012) shall be KAC's base of operations from now on. This definitely does not mean that all meets have to be compulsorily held there. Meets can be held anywhere that is convenient, but the purpose of the HQ is to always have a backup location for meets and other KAC activities from now on. :)

2. KAC members participated in numbers in the Feel Japan Event . There are so many pictures and so much to write that it's taken us a month to write a post about it, but it'll be up soon XD. FJ was an amazing success thanks to all the anime lovers who worked non stop to make it happen. We look forward to more such events in the future, and more participation from KAC members, irrespective of which city it is held in.

3. Radio KAC was launched yesterday, on the 27th April. With this, we become the pioneer of a unique initiative whereby we try to reach out to anime lovers with (primarily but not just) Anime Music. Radio KAC would be helmed by jobless KAC members for the time being and will be on air as frequently as possible. For now it is just songs (and song requests too!), but we see Radio KAC as a Pandora's Box of opportunities for connecting with anime lovers around the country. Few things bring people together like music does, and Radio KAC will sometime in the near future have live events, Japanese lessons and a host of other stuff. We are only limited by our imaginations (and to an extent, money :P). But for Radio KAC to flourish, we would need all the support we can get. Visit Radio KAC (and there is also a widget on the right of this page, check it out!), click Like on the RadioKAC page (I'm assuming that you would definitely LOVE RadioKAC), but most importantly, spread the word!

4. A Design for KAC contest is currently underway. Details can be found here. The contest tentatively ends at the end of May. There will be prizes, so go ahead and give it a shot!

KAC is always expecting it's members to step up and make KAC even more awesome.We have amazing members, and that is why we hold contests and that is why we love to showcase our members. We intend to have a lot more events and a lot more contests in the future (replete with custom made KAC goodies we shall soon unveil). We would love to see our members participate more, and would love to hear their opinions, their views and their suggestions. KAC exists for it's members, and we hope you all are enjoying this joyride called KAC as much as I am.