Monday, May 21, 2012

The May 2012 Kolkata Anime Club Meet

Date: 20th May
Venue: Bibhas's house, VIP Enclave
This meet almost got cancelled due to many members being bogged down with exams. However, Bibhas generously offered his place anyway. And thus, the invasion began. As things turned out, he had no idea what he was getting into.Sayanee, Akanksha, Abhyam and I reached Bibhas's house at around 12.30. The Mullick trio, Suplab, Xavier and Alex were already there. After greetings and hugs and a little trademark KAC chaos, we settled down for a screening.

 Blood Prison, the fifth Naruto Shippuden movie was screened, and all of us loved it. We had lunch shortly afterwards. Then the gang was divided into two groups. Sayanee, Akanksha and I were in a room preparing cosplay items and a Naruto headband (or playing Burnout on Bibhas's PSP). I don't know exactly what was going on in the living room then, but I sneaked out a while later to find Xavier dancing.

Yes, the havoc had begun. After Xavier's dance and bromance with Abhyam, the living room group had their CardCaptor Sakura screening interrupted by the appearance of our very own Sakura from Naruto, pink wig included. Two minutes later, a Konan mysteriously appeared. This gave way to a lot of gags and fun before Akanksha and Sayanee decided to have their own little photo shoot. Photoshoot over, we learnt  that a treasure hunt was to take place.

(Sakura and Konan)

Sayanee and Akanksha prepared around 25 chits with the Konoha symbol on them. And the rest of us were confined to a different room while they went around hiding the chits in the living room, Bibhas's room and even the kitchen. At 'Go!' a chaotic mob was unleashed on most of the furniture, floors, bags, even switchboards. We were on a rampage. Tables, cushions, clothes, chairs, trays, even doormats were all potential hiding spots for those elusive chits. Sayanee says, "You guys missed out one. Near a wall". Immediately, five people practically attach themselves to the walls, including me. It was intense.
Ultimately, all the chits were found, not without some hints from the duo. Abhyam emerged as the winner with six chits, thus winning the headband. The chits were later presented to Bibhas, partly as consolation for wrecking his place.

(Abhyam, winner)

Subhajeet and Sankalan arrived soon afterwards, so we had plenty of new faces at this meet. They missed most of the fun, but were warmly welcomed. Sayanee, Abhyam and I left soon afterwards, but not before the customary family photo. Banzai!
(Family photo!)
  • Food was delicious! Thank you Bibhas for being such an amazing (and forgiving) host.
  • There exists a video of Xavier dancing, collapsing and subsequently molesting Abhyam. It will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • New faces! Abhyam, Alex, Subhajeet and Sankalan.