Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Radio KAC - Tuned in yet?

Radio KAC was launched just 10 days back, and as I write this out, has already garnered over 300 unique listeners (and patrons), managed tons of airplay, hundreds of requests, and a couple of guest RJs too. Needless to say, RadioKAC has been a roaring success (big enough to warrant a separate post on the blog :P). But this is just a beginning.

So let's look a bit deeper into what the deal with RadioKAC is and how you can get a more complete experience out of it :)

How we function:

The Radio is jointly handled by Ria, Sunny and Reetam. We have slightly different tastes in music (which is a good thing since it adds more variety to what you hear) and have different timings on the radio. We split time amongst us and try to keep the radio up as long as possible. Since weekdays are, well, weekdays, the radio does not get much up time on weekday mornings. we try to keep it on afternoon/evening onwards, and normally have it on till 1-2 at night (sometimes later). On weekends, however, we go all guns blazing and try to play as much music as possible. Who mans the station when is still a very fluid thing though, without any hard and fast schedule. Along with the 3 in house RJs, we also have guest RJs  from time to time. If you are interested in being a guest RJ on the channel, do get in touch with us :)

Getting the most out of the RadioKAC page:

So there are a few sections in the page that need to be noted:

This would be on the right hand side of the page. Please don't forget to Like the Radio Page. Once we get a hundred likes here, we can start using the podcasts feature alongside the live radio :)

Some or all of the modules will be visible on the radio page. 'Request a song' and 'Live chat' will work only when the radio is playing, and the former might be kept off at times if the RJ does not want to take requests through the site. The schedule will more often than not be empty, but we have other ways to keep you updated about our schedule (yes, they involve FB).

Clicking on this will open this up at the bottom of the page:

 These links can then be saved and used on our local mp3 players to play the stream.

This is probably the part which is easily ignored but should not be. Note the Twitter and Blogger buttons up there beside the RSS feed? Well, they work. The Blog button will show you updates from our blog right there, and clicking on any of the posts will redirect you to the blog. And as for the Twitter, the idea is to use that in conjunction with FB to post updates regarding schedules and stuff. So do be sure to check in there whenever you visit for quick updates :)

This last bit of course calls for no explanation. The three rather eye catching buttons will redirect you to our IDs on the other sites.

RadioKAC on FB:

We are present on FB too. It is the primary channel of communication between RJs and the listeners. It is here that upcoming shows will be announced, polls created for user reviews and suggestions, and song requests would also be mostly taken here (it's a much safer option that using the requests module on the radio webpage). Please subscribe to this page to keep yourself appraised about what we are up to on the radio.

Common issues:

There is this common issue with the player links asking for ID and password (in some cases even the page asks for credentials). Well, this is not something that is going to be easily fixed. Basically, only one user per IP is supported, and so if this sort of error comes it's probably something to do with that (and Caster seems to be in no hurry to fix it). Caster, however, advises that accessing the radio using a proxy server might help.

Looking ahead:

As I mentioned, this is just a beginning. We believe radioKAC is capable of a lot more. In the near future, we intend to bring you podcasts, Japanese lessons, anime music covers by our own members, and of course, MOAR MUSIC!

Want to RJ for us? Get in touch.
Have a suggestion? get in touch.
Got a great idea to make RadioKAC more awesome? Get in touch.

Lastly, keep spreading the word, keep tuning in, and we hope you have a great time here at KAC.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!
KAC Banzai!