Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kolkata Anime Club meet (May 2011)

The May 2011 Kolkata Anime Club Meet
Date: 8th May
Venue: Kriyetic Comics Studio, Purbalok (EM bypass)

[The studio.]
-This photo was taken on February 2012.

The 3rd meet was special for two reasons. One, it was organized at a comic studio. Secondly, because we had a new member with us : Subhayan Purkit. 
It was a stuffy, HOT summer afternoon, but undaunted, us members decided to meet up. Finding our way to the studio was a bit difficult. but once all of us had assembled, it was our usual fun and smiles that filled the atmosphere. 

[At the studio]

The screening was the major attraction of this meet. We screened Hayao Miazaki's Proco Rosso

[Fairy tale episode screening]

Quite an unusual lunch we had. Chips and biscuits in 'buckets' and soda in paper cups. Everybody enjoyed just the same. And just before it all ended for the day, we were given the chance to go through some of the vast manga collections in the studio. Below are a few shots from the day.

[Members checking out the manga collection at the studio]

[During screenings]

About Kriyetic Comics Studio 

Kriyetic comics is located at Purbalok, EM Bypass Kolkata and is a studio that publishes comic works and graphic novels of artists in and around Kolkata. They organized the Kolkata Manga workshop back in 2010.

[Inside the studio]

We are really grateful to Manojit Chaterjee who was kind enough to lend us his studio for a meet. He and his co-workers were good sport and joined in on the discussions and gave valuable career tips to Aditi and Shubhayan, both of whom were studying animation at the time.

[Group Pictures]

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

KAC 3rd Meet May 2011

Third Kolkata anime club meet to be held on the 8th of may, 2011. Sunday from 2:00pm till 5:00pm at Krietic comics studio at Purbalok, near metro cash and carry, EM bypass. For more details on how to get there check the map below.^^.
Note : I'll be there at purbalok stop myself to take you guys to the studio so don't worry.^^.

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