Tuesday, August 7, 2012

KAC member feature SPECIAL EDITION


About two years ago now, back in 2010, The Kolkata Anime Club was created on Facebook. The idea was to make a place for anime/manga lovers to collect together, meet each other and find a safe sanctuary for the fans and give them a platform where they can talk about their interests without being scorned by those who have no idea about what anime is. Truth be told, when I was first approached by someone to do so, I had my doubts about the whole plan. I didn't think people would come out from being 'closet otakus' and come to offline meets. Today we have over 400 members and counting, out of which the number of people who attend the offline meets are almost always in double digits (Just goes to show how very wrong presumptions can be).
This post is a tribute to all you members who have kept KAC alive and thriving over the past two years. For you members are KAC. ^____^

This post shall be highlighting some of the beautiful memories of the past. Enjoy!

KAC offline meet kicks off  [12th December, 2010]

KAC July meet 2011

KAC Spetember meet 2011

Anime screenings

KAC with mangaka Yukichi Yamamatsu
[Feb 2012]

KAC outings

Contests and prizes

KAC's teaming with super talented people, lets see some of their awesomeness 

[Credit - Akiyuki]

[Credit - Suvosree]

[Credit - Abhyam]

[Cosplay queens]

The most unique thing about KAC is that we are a close knit family...we don't just hang out to share anime, we share laughs like friends and we squabble like siblings, we care like family...

It has been an amazing two years, filled with fun and laughter. You guys rock!!!! No, seriously, you rock! ^_~. Thankyou for making KAC so awesome!!! Continue making it awesome. At all those who're not a part of KAC yet, the Kolkata Anime Club is a group by the fans and for the fans of anime/manga and all things related. KAC aims to be the gathering place of anime/manga lovers from Kolkata and all around it. Anime lovers from everywhere else are welcome too! So hurry and join us! We're waiting! ^^