Monday, April 2, 2012


こんにちは みんな!!!
ひざしぶり です ね、
げんき だった の?
[Hi Everyone!!!
It's been a while, hasn't it!
Have been doing well?]
It is time to learn  にほんご again! ^__^.
Now, it has been a solid two months since the last lesson link, so I trust all of you have practised the two scripts enough to recognize the alphabets when you see them? If not, no worries! You can always keep on practising and come back to this lesson later. It won't disappear. ^_~.

  • We will learn how to write a few simple Kanji.
  • We will learn to say a few simple sentences.
  • We will learn grammar.


あたらしい ことば。
  • かべ - Wall
  • ちず - Map
  • こくばん - Black board
  • ひきだし - Drawers
  • どあ - Door
  • かぎ - Key
  • ようふくだんす - Wardrobe
  • かんばん - Hording
  •  ほんばこ - Bookshelf.

      Press play to listen to the correct pronunciation. ^_^

      HOW TO WRITE : 漢字 (かんじ)

      • 日 - にち, ひ, び ,か (Day, Sun, Japan),
      • 月 -  げつ、 がつ、 つき (Month, Moon),
      • 山 -  やま、 さん (Mountain), and
      • 人 -  ひと、 びと、 じん、 にん (Person, people).

        Press Play to see how to write it. ^_^

        THE "This", "That" and "That over there" factor.

        Look at the picture given below.
          •  これ is "this"When the item is close to you, you use これ .
            for eg : これ は なん です か。 (What is this?)
          •  それ is "that"
            When the item is relatively far from you but is close to the 2nd person, you use "それ".
            for eg : それ は ほん です ね? (That is a book isn't it?) 
          •  あれ is "That over there" 
            When the item is far from both you and the 2nd person, you use " あれ ".
            for eg : あれ は なん でしょう? (What could that be?)

          Press Play to listen to the correct pronunciation.

          Let's learn how to say a few simple sentences in Japanese. ^_^
          • きょう は あつい です ね!
            そう です ね! あつくて、 むしあつい です!
          • あした、 どこ か へ あそび に いこう か?
            たのしそう ね、 うん! そう しよう!
          • Today's hot isn't it?
            You're right! It's hot and humid!
          • Will you go hang out with me tomorrow?
            Sounds like its gonna be fun. Lets do it!

            Press play to listen to the pronunciations. ^_^
            • は- pronounced as "wa", is a topic marker.
            • が - pronounced as "ga", is a subject marker.
            • か - pronounced as "ka", is an interrogatory symbol.
            Yosh, this is for this edition, see you next time! ^__^

            P.s - If you have and questions, please leave a comment!