Monday, April 23, 2012

The April 2012 Kolkata Anime Club Meet

Date: 22nd April
Location: Reetam's house, Garia.
This meet was originally supposed to be held at Mani Square, so that it's close to members from North Kolkata (for a change), but my (Reetam's) sudden decision to come to Kolkata helped the admins convince the others that having the meet at my place instead was a better idea. Of course, the turnout of this meet was not expected to be much, and having it so far down in South Kolkata didn't help things either. Still, we decided to go on ahead with the meet and hope for the best.

ADG was the first to arrive at my place on the day of the meet. I had to go out for a few hours, so I handed the keys over to him and left him in charge. By the time I came back, it was close to 1 PM, and I was greeted by a gaggle of ladies in my room, Sayanee and Nia and Aakansha. ADG went out to bring Roopkatha from her home around the same time.. Soon, Aesha arrived followed by ADG & Roopkatha and later, Nilakash. Sunny also landed up, surprisingly managing to find his way to my place on his own. I was also excited to hear that Abhishek Jain was gonna come to the meet (I don't think he had come to any meet since the 3rd KAC meet last year). This was also the first meet for Oishi (who came down with her dad whom we carted off to another room before continuing with our meet).

This meet probably had the shortest screening ever, with only an episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys was screened. Soon after, Sunny, Nilakash & ADG went out to get food (it was late afternoon by then) and the rest of us lazed around, too tired to do much in the heat. Roopkatha had to leave before lunch arrived since she had a curfew at home, but it was great to have her over, only if for a few hours, Sayanee went with her to accompany her to the bus-stand. They fetched Abhishek Jain from the bus-stop & brought him over. (Apparently) coincidentally, Promit made his arrival almost as soon as the food was brought.

                 Sunny the Hero                                          Them pretty ladies, Aakansha and Oishi

Lazing about on the terrace (Reetam, Aesha, Oishi and Nia)

The laziness continued post lunch. Oishi, unfortunately, also had to leave (she had a tuition to attend), but she gifted KAC an awesome hand drawn poster before she left. We didn't feel like watching any more anime at that time, so Nilakash and I decided to play some music. We didn't play any anime tracks, but it was a fun session nevertheless, and the other members seemed to have a good time too.

Nilakash takes KAC by storm

Awestruck members recording the performance (Promit, ADG, Aesha and Sayanee)

The meet was supposed to be wrapped up early since many of the members had other work, and once the music session was over, we decided to not waste much time and continue with our Anime quiz. This time around, Sayanee and I had prepared the questionnaire. Though most of the questions proved a little too tough for the members, we found Nia on a roll, answering one question after another, leaving her closest competitors far behind. The most fun part of the quiz was probably the Music round, where anime songs/OSTs were played and members were asked to recognise which anime it belonged to. This led to a lot of animated expressions and jumping and outrageous answers from the members, but it sure was a ton of fun. Nia, unsurprisingly, came out as the winner, and ADG was a distant 2nd. Nia claimed a Fate/Zero poster as her prize, and ADG a poster from Another.

Winners of the quiz

And with that, we were done with the meet. It was a fun meet as usual, but contrasted to the epic meet of Feb, this meet was kinda more toned down, and in many ways more intimate. There was not much planning done and we all kind of went with the flow. But it still turned out pretty awesome.

And it's group photo time!

The awesome poster that Oishi gifted us

Minutes from the meet:
  • Oishi was the first timer to the meets, and wowed us with her drawing skills. Her thick note book filled with posters had all of us wide eyed in admiration. the Detective Conan poster that she gifted KAC was a beautiful piece of work.
  • We found out that both Oishi and Roopkatha are classical singers. I could not convince either of them to sing a word, though.
  • Nilakash was the other new member that we had in this meet. He turned out to have tastes similar to me in anime and in music. It was really fun playing with him, and I do hope we get to play a lot more in the future.
  • This time around, Hizibizi stayed till the end of the meet. (It is always a surprise to see KACs resident pervmaster such a quiet and nice person IRL :)
  • Sunny was awesome, since he treated everyone to free food (which, incidentally, was his birthday treat). :3