Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anime, March 2012.

Here's a look into some of the anime that ended on the latter half of March 2012:

Bleach : After running for almost 9 years, Bleach anime ended with the 'Fullbring Arc'. Since the manga is still ongoing with the last arc, we hope the anime will be back to air after the manga has progressed further.

Gintama : The new Gintama series that ran during 2011-2012 (ep. 202-252) finally came to an end. This anime is probably on hiatus as well, since the manga is still ongoing and Gintama has gone on hiatus like this before.

    Another : The thrill that each episode gave & the longing for more episodes after the series was over probably makes Another one of the best anime of Winter 2012 as per many. This is one of the better horror/mystery anime of recent times.

    Brave 10 : This anime is set in the Sengoku Period, The animation quality & action sequences are more or less satisfactory. But, the main drawback for this series is perhaps the episode limit. Eight volumes of manga were squeezed into 12 episodes & thus quite a few proportions & sequences were cut off. Specially, the rushed final episode (12) might be a little disappointing for those who were following the manga. Overall, it's an anime one can give a try.

    List of winter 2012 anime/movie/ova:
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