Thursday, December 19, 2013

KAC Member Showcase : December 2013

 The Girl With Many Names and Faces

2013 is at an end, and what an awesome year it has been for anime lovers across the country! For the month of December 2013, we showcase KAC’s resident cosplay diva, Akanksha Sachan. A student at NIFT Kolkata, Akanksha’s lovely cosplays have made her a well-known name among the Indian anime and cosplay circles. 


 Here is a small interview with Akanksha:

Q. So, tell us about your interest in Anime and Cosplay.
- Well, anime is what I would call the ‘ Religion I follow. It is the most important thing in my world! Cosplay comes second. Hmm, My favourite anime: All mainstreams+ Monster+ Oh well, too many to count! :P and cosplay is what my passion is! It’s the best I can do.’

Q.When did you start Cosplaying? 
‘My second year of college, 2012.’ Says Sachan. ‘It was new! It was like I touched the thing first time that I always used to dream about! That was the first time I made any clothing on my own without even learning it in my academics, it felt amazing!!!
Her first Cosplay was Kagome Higurashi from a popular anime.

Q. From Inuyasha? Is that one of your favourites?
 ‘Yes, favourite.’ She says. ‘Way back from Animax days!’
Sachan's first cosplay as Kagome Higurashi.

Q. You have made quite a bit of a name for yourself in the Indian cosplay community since then.
-Well, so many cosplays to do, very little time. Oh, and money too. >.<

News Paper cut outs about Sachan and her work

Q. Haha, so Cosplay is an expensive hobby?
A.Yes J
Q.Which cosplay of yours would you say, is your best/ favourite?
A. Erza Scarlet (Heaven's Wheel Armor).


Sachan's Erza Scarlet Cosplay 

Q. Isn't that your Otaku House entry?
A. Yes. It was my qualifier's entry which took me into the finals.

Sachan's Elizabeth from Bioshock

Q. Excellent... you're a finalist, all the best for the Otaku House finals!! J
A. Thank you J

Q. So, are you going to be a full time Cosplayer from now on? What can we expect to see in the near future?
- Not really, it's a hobby. And a hobby remains a hobby. I will be cosplaying Female Commander Shepherd in Delhi Comic Con 2014 and many more projects to come in 2014 J

Q. Are there any Cosplayers that you consider your inspiration?
‘Yes, a lot of them!’ Reveals Sachan. ‘ Reika <3! Well, I followed Allodia for a long time, and now it's time to make my own way.’

Q. You are a well known name in Indian cosplay circle, and an Otaku House finalist, how does it feel to have this sort of fame? And what would you like to say to all the aspiring cosplayers?
- Feels good, man. I feel like I am doing something which is really unconventional in this country! Very unique and different! My words to everyone aspiring to cosplay is  just do it! J

Q. Any general advice you'd like to share?
A. *secrets* :P Well it's all confidence, never lose it.

Q. Last but not the least; tell us about your experience with KAC.
A. KAC is the best thing that had happened to me since I came to Kolkata, it is family J

Q. Great to hear that! Thank you for your time. J
A. You’re welcome J

 A few pictures Sachan generously shared of her work in progress :-

Author’s word: KAC, indeed is a family. We love you too, Akanksha and we hope to see more awesome cosplays from you in the future.

Interview and Content: Shuvo Das
Images: Provided by Akanksha Sachan
Edits by Kuroneko and Sedion