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[KAC Cake]

KAC FACTS: The journey began on 12th December 2010, when a few brave hearts decided to break the conventional idea of keeping their passion inside their closet and meet others, who felt the same.
As she waited quietly by the KFC stall at South City Food court, Nia had felt the jitters of anticipation about meeting fellow anime lovers for the first time in her life and at the same time, had felt unnerved at her own daring. As she sat recalling that day, she doubted anyone today would've believed it if she told them she had half a mind of ditching the whole idea and running away before anyone showed up! Now, she sits by her computer, looking through the old photographs, and grins broadly because she chose to stick it out in the end. The last words she had told herself as she brought out the anime doodle she made on her sketch pad as a banner were these 'Dude, relax! Today's going down in history.' That had done it. KAC had kicked off with a bang!
Three years later, KAC is now a family of 1020 and counting! Here's a look at what happened on the Third Anniversary meet.

Date : 17.11.2013
Venue : Patuli
Host : Abhik Dutta.
Time : 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

[Abhik Dutta : The Host]

The meet started off with members assembling at the venue. Little chit chats, jokes and anime sharing continued through out the day. Introductions began at the roof top on the quiet, sunny Sunday afternoon, after most of the members had turned up. Slowly, the din rose high enough to make neighbours turn their head in curiosity but the KAC members went about their business like nothing was out of the ordinary. It was family time, don't you know! After the introductions were all done, it was time for the give away! There were simple questions related to popular anime and a right answer rewarded a member with a book mark!

[KAC Bookmarks and Postcards]

[Some posters which were up for grabs]

The two Nihonsai Finalist were given a token of appreciation for their participation.

[Xavier Das and Aditi Mullick : Finalist at Nihonsai Convention (Later cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances)]

And now, a few snap shots of the day which is now a happy blur.


KAC began with one anime lover's dream to unite all the anime lovers in Kolkata. It had appeared to be ridiculous to many. So, as Nia looks through the photographs of every meet since, she laughs at the thought that some people had laughed about this idea and had said it can't be done.

KAC has always been about its members. KAC is family. KAC is home.