Sunday, July 1, 2012

KAC Showcase: July - Let The voice Echo~

For the month of July 2012, we have chosen to showcase Ahelee Bhadra.

She's being featured here for her awesome talent at perfectly covering & singing various Anime/Manga OST & songs.

A small interview with Ahelee:-

Did you learn to sing or are you self taught?
-Haha, no I didn't learn and I don't believe I'm much of a singer anyway.

What kind of songs do you sing/cover?
-Almost always Japanese, since my voice is a little too weird for English songs.
Anything from screamo to cute songs. A lot of Vocaloid. No 'kawaii" J-pop.. *shudders*

What are your future plans?
-Mmm... Attend one of the KAC meets. University starts this October. Learn how to shuffle (dance). Try not to go poor. Travel around Europe.

Which anime songs/OSTs will you be covering in near future? 
-Ah, I don't really get the chance to be alone at home to be able to record really :p
"Bouken desho desho!?" - Hirano Aya
"Whats up people" - Maximum The Hormone :P

What do you think of KAC?
-Super friendly community with members who are pretty much close to each other. Very welcoming.

Her covers:
Maximum the Hormone - Zetsubou Billy cover:

【Blood +】Aozora No Namida FAN cover【リー】:

A Note: We are glad to have you on KAC, hope to see you on one of the meets soon! Keep rocking!