Tuesday, July 17, 2012

KAC news Bulletin (July, 2012 issue)

Ten years ago now, in India, barely anyone knew about anime. There were a few...then there were tens. Disconnected though, and without a clue that there exists others in this 'planet' [no exaggeration here] who share the same interest as them. Then there was the fear of people making fun of you, calling you a child or worse still, a weirdo, for having an interest in what we call 'anime' and what they call 'cartoon'.THEN SOCIAL NETWORKS ON INTERNET HAPPENED!!!Through Orkut, Animestan and now Facebook, we are thousands and our number keeps growing with each passing day! No longer closet Otakus, we now make the news. And one such example is what you see below in the screenie. The cutout is from the Indian Express, Pune. Read it once before I say more.

[The cutout from the article {Bottom left corner : Leon Wesker (Winner of the CJF cosplay contest) from Mumbai anime Club]

It talks about the growing popularity of Japan pop-culture, about anime clubs across the country and about their usual activities. The paper also quotes a few lines from one of KAC Admins, Reetam Majumder. He is quoted as saying "fans are making an effort to popularize the art form and raise awareness..."
He also goes on to talk about the KAC radio and about the anime club activities. The article further writes that manga and anime scenario in India has gotten further boost from the cool Japan Festival which was held earlier this year on March 2012 in Mumbai. For a further account of CJF, click on these two links : 

We thank the people responsible for this article. It is a huge morale booster for clubs like us who have been trying desperately for years to reach out to the mass and create an awareness about the world of anime/manga and Japanese pop-culture in India.