Friday, September 30, 2011

4th KAC Meet

Date: 25.09.2011
Venue: Deepraj's house

There was almost a 4 month gap between the third and fourth meet; thus, at the time of announcement, there was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm & expectation from the members!
When we were scouting for potential venues, KAC member Deepraj generously offered his place in Baguiati for the meet.
On the day, we formed 2 gangs to reach the place. The first one was the North gang who reached the place around 1pm & the South Gang who had some difficulty in reaching the meeting spot & was late by 1 hour. After all of us met up at the bus-stop near Deepraj’s home, Dipanjan suddenly had to leave and Suplab had suffered an injury.Thus, only 16 of us went to the house & made ourselves at home. 

(Chayan & Abhishek)

(From left: Shriya, Sayanee, Ayanti, Aditi, Alex & Pratyay)

The meet began with an introduction round. Then anime discussion & screening started, but alas! A powercut happened and by the time the power returned, it was lunch time already. Kaushik & Deepraj went out to get pizza for all of us! 

(the guy gang during lunch)

(Ayanti with the mask)
(During the Roleplay)

(Shriya's handmade cake)

Post lunch, it was roleplay time(which was a comedy/parody) conducted by the girls. Shriya, Aditi and Ayanti were pokemons & Sayanee was a hollow Ichigo, Kaushik was the only guy to make guest appearances (of the Panda of Ranma ½ & Togepi). The performance had members in splits. This was follwed by karaoke! Aditi mesmerized us with her awesome singing & then Kaushik gave another great performance. 

It was 5.30 by then & the Southern gang had to leave. Shriya had baked us a delicious cake which was passed around before leaving. The North gang left after more anime sharing & Krishna gave a karaoke performance. This was our most-successful meet till date and we returned home, with a bunch of precious memories that we'll never ever forget.

·         Thank you so much, Deepraj, for lending your house for our wild gang!
·         We had a whopping 16 members attending! (It was suppose to be 18, but Dipanjan suddenly had to leave for home & Suplab hurt his back when he was about to go out of the house).
·         New Members to join the ‘offline’ Base- Sayantan, Shriya, Chayan, Deepraj, Kashyap, Promit, Bibhas, Xavier, Alex. Welcome!!
·         For the first time, proper anime sharing happened on the meet & members brought their anime goodies for display!


Debanimator said...

Woooaaah!! I diddn't knew such a club really do exists in Kolkata.... MaanN!! You guysss!! U really reaally made it happen!! FABOULOUS!!

Debanimator said...

I loveeee to join in this wonderful club! If you do have some rules & all... let me know about it... I'm a serious otaku & personally I'm a 3d animator... LOVE JAPAN!! LOVE ANIME!! LOVE MANGA!!

priyanshu pradhan said...

I want to also go I have my very
small otaku group army public school