Friday, October 14, 2011

The Japanese Traditional Dolls Exhibition

Nippon o-ningyou no tenji

Event : Nippon o-ningyou no tenjin
Date :10th January 2011.
Venue : ICCR, Kolkata at ho chi minh sarani (opposite the American counsulate).

Overview:  This year, Japanese cultural activities in Kolkata began with the Japanese traditional doll exhibition. Acquired from different regions of Japan and representing different cultures, it was a unique opportunity for everyone to learn more about Japan. The inauguration ceremony kicked off at 4:00pm with the consul general of Japan giving his speech before the door to the exhibition room was opened to the public. The ceremony was inaugurated by the consul general of Japan, Mr. Mitsuo Kawaguchi.

Mr. Mitsuo Kawaguchi.

Many people came to the exhibition over the week. People were also treated to go-cha, which is Japanese tea.

Now, to the dolls in display and the history associated with them.^__^.

Clay dolls of a prince and princess. Look at the details put into them. :)

This doll is kept outside every house on Daughter's day to show how each family is thankful to God for having a daughter. The festival is named "o-hina matsuri" or the princess festival.

These dolls are used to celebrate "Boy's day".

This picture is of a mythological creature named "Shoujo" who has red hair and is very shy and said to be fond of snakes.

O-yama ningyou.(Mountain dolls)

Geiji (Consort dolls)

Buriburi (A doll depicting the old game of hitting a hammer)