Monday, December 13, 2010

First KAC Meet!

Date: December 12, 2010.
Venue: South City Mall, Food court.

KAC offline meets kick off!

 After nearly a month of haggling over the dates on Facebook, we finally managed to hold our very first offline meet. Even with the Facebook event page showing only seven people on the attending list, we decided to go ahead with holding the meet as scheduled. The meet was held on a lazy Sunday afternoon at South City Mall. Those who came, found themselves seated amongst a small but dedicated group of anime/manga fans, just like them. After the arrival of a few last minute attendees, we started off our meet, dot on time.

"Introductions Please"
And this it began, the formal introduction of the various members who had gathered from different fields of life under a common cause that day. After getting acquainted with each other and a brief speech on the aims and goals of KAC, we started off with the formation of the administrative staff of the club. Since the group is still at it's infancy we've decided to remain dependent on individual contributions as well. It was nearly 3PM when we decided to order some fast food and drinks,and we all started clicking pictures.

(The Group before the last 2 arrived...the final head count was 14..)

A little after 3PM Reetam and his friend Sagnik (who originally were part of the anime scene in Pune) joined us. He opened his bag and WHAM! Right in the center of the table was a copy of the US version of the Shounen Jump magazine!!! Some of our members went speechless,and I was wondering whether the stuff was real!!
(The Holy Bible of all shounen manga fans..SHONEN JUMP!)

Our ramblings continued till 5pm. We decided to call it a day and finished it with another round of pictures. Thus, ended the first ever KAC meet!!It was  truly an exciting affair and was the start of many things to come!!
             (We all witnessed epicness in the making that day)

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